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Faces of Winkler

Aug 3 – Aug 28, 2021

by Kelly Klages, Ray Derksen, Jennifer Penner, Herb Kuhl, Anna Martens, Alejandro Penner, Arianna Derksen, Scott Bell, Darren Crane, Olga Krahn, Walter Dueck and Salley Dueck

The Faces of Winkler Exhibit was established to celebrate our community and the amazing people within it. Each year we get the community to nominate people to be a part of the exhibit and then pair each nominee with an artist and photographer to create pieces of them to display in the exhibit.

This year our Faces are, Steve Banman, Carol Neufeld, Kelly Morgan, Randy Rietze, Valerie Harder, Jayme Giesbrect and Isaac A. Dyck.

Faces of Winkler 2022 nominations

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