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In My Backyard Exhibit

Mar 30 – May 1, 2021

by Walter Dueck

After our move from Manitoba to Nova Scotia in 1985 I sold my antique car and invested in a Minolta x570-35 mm camera and two lenses. Being such a picturesque area eastern Canada was the ideal environment to launch the hobby of photography.   

After seven years and with a move back to Manitoba my passion for photographing nature and wildlife intensified. Switching to digital photography, which was more efficient, offered more options, opening new and exciting opportunities. 

Exploring the beauty of the varied facets of the natural world in southern Manitoba has been an exhilarating adventure. Manitoba with all its natural wonders and amazing wildlife is now also a province I deeply love. Southern Manitoba is rich with photo opportunities for both amateur and professional photographer alike. 

It is therapeutic and inspiring to find a quiet spot in â€œMy Backyard “, wherever that may be. Whether it is beside water, in the woods or next to a meadow, nature in Manitoba rarely disappoints. Photography can be a healthy addiction of sorts, always in pursuit of that elusive perfect shot. Southern Manitoba does indeed encourage the chase. 

Wildlife and nature photography opens the mind to a world of wonder, colour, design and detail.  It facilitates an appreciation for the created world around us. It is deeply refreshing and calming to absorb the sights and sounds of nature, observing and capturing on photo the fingerprints of God in the natural world. 

-Walter Dueck