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Motorcycle Art Show

Sep 7 – Sep 24, 2022

by Various Artists

Opening Reception
Sep 10 @ 4:00PM

“2022 Free Wheelin’, Throttle Twistin’, Rubber Burnin’, Good Times Havin’ Motorcycle Art Show
AKA “the Art of Winging it”

All of life is an act of art, or active art.

From its very inception, this exhibition has been an exercise of “winging it”. Figuring it out as we go.

No pretence or purpose other than satisfying an urge to live.

As with all of life, purpose is created along the way.

We crave reasons for doing what we want, an opening statement, as though that somehow validates our experience. As though an affirmation of intention somehow gives us permission to actively engage in our lives.

And sometimes we get hung up on fears that we won’t get it right, or it won’t turn out the way we want.

The creation of the poster for this exhibition alone was an adventurous practice in letting go of those fears. But mistakes make life interesting. The idealism of perfectionism is debilitating and cuts you in half, perfect or imperfect, as though “getting it right” is more righteous than “getting it wrong”. And yet even the humble and seemingly insignificant poster itself is a fuller experience with its mistakes embraced and celebrated. Grace in growth is a far more fulfilling way to live than living dissatisfied with imperfection.

Furthermore to purpose, it’s created in the evolution of experience, though perhaps experience alone is the sole purpose of life.

That’s what draws people to motorbikes; a little bit of danger, an element of uncertainty and the possibility of adventure. Curiosity and experience. Feeling alive and having fun.

You keep riding for the experience of it, not for some kind of logical rationalization of the act. Cars are much more practical, they’ll take you where you need to go comfortably and relatively safely in nearly any kind of weather. Meanwhile, the most memorable rides are often the ones with an entertaining dose of calamity along the way.

As the sad guru says, “We’re all gonna die, best to live a little while we’re alive.”

So there’s the “why” to satisfy the need for a philosophical or profound purpose of this show. Keep in mind this whole statement is an ongoing hypothesis, a question, not an answer. The real reason for the show; we want to live and enjoy the ride as much as we can while we’re here. And we hope you enjoy the shared experience in all its uncertainty and imperfection. Feel free to come and have fun for no reason at all!”