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Shane Corey art exhibit

Sharon Cory

I am a Manitoba artist who grew up in Winnipeg and now lives in Emerson. I spent years at The University of Manitoba studying Architecture and Fine Arts and, in my artistic career; I’ve worked in many different mediums and styles.

 Right now, I’m back to being a Figurist working in acrylics on larger canvasses. I hover between abstraction and realism in illustrating life concepts that affect me and the society I see around me. 

Lately, I’ve spent time driving back and forth across the northern U.S. on my way back to Manitoba. I’ve encountered a plethora of landscapes, from mountains, to prairie to rough, sagebrush-choked desert. Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve seen desolated farms and towns, deserted by people but with buildings intact. 

The theme of this show is that it takes resilience to withstand these rough landscapes. Who comes to these places? Who stays?

Jean Mackie

Jean Mackie grew up in southwestern Manitoba on a small farm near Pierson, MB, but currently lives in Emerson, MB.  Jean was an elementary school teacher for most of her working career and did not have a lot of time to delve into her love of art.  At the time of her retirement in 2013, her staff presented her with an easel and paints and that was the beginning of her personal journey in art. 

As a self-taught artist, Jean is still experimenting with many different styles of art.  She works predominantly in acrylics and draws most of her inspiration from Canadian landscapes, particularly the prairies.  Although she usually paints on canvas, Jean has also painted on many different objects such as metal kettles, pots, sawblades, and even maple leaves.   

Jean has recently meshed her admiration of quilt artists and landscape artists to create a unique style of her own.  Jean imagines landscapes in segments as they might be created by a quilter.  She paints each segment with base colours and then goes back to overpaint these colours with designs to resemble fabric patterns.  These colourful creations use bright colours and sleek geometric shapes.

Jean’s work has been displayed at the Pembina Hills Art Gallery in Morden, MB for the past 3 years.  In the spring of 2019, she participated in the Central Region Juried Art show and had one of her quilt-like landscape paintings, “Nanuk’s Spirit Journey”, chosen as the People’s Choice.  It was also chosen to tour throughout the Central Region during the summer at several local galleries, including the Buhler Gallery in Winnipeg.   

This is Jean’s first exhibition and she is excited to have been asked by noted artist, Sharon Cory, to join in this joint venture.  

John Glassco

John Glassco grew up in Winnipeg and attended the University of Manitoba where he achieved a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in 1972. He emigrated to the U.S. in 1980 and was struck by the stark and sometimes harsh, desert landscape of central Washington, where he eventually settled. 

John has always been involved in Drawing and Photography as a means of expression. His curiosity has led him to explore the geology and ever changing quality of light in the valleys between the Cascades and the Rockies. 

Travelling back and forth, over the last two years, between his adopted town of Soap Lake and his birthplace in Manitoba, has afforded an opportunity to explore the impact of time on the rural landscapes that tie these two places together. It has been a journey of decay and rebirth, hopefully reflected in the images presented here.

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  • February 22, 1–5pm
  • Date
  • Feb 13 - Mar 28 2020
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  • Winkler Arts + Culture
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  • 547 Park Street


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