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Oct 6 – Nov 14, 2020

by Kelly Klages

Ambigrams are a form of word art. The design of an ambigram has different interpretations depending on the viewer’s perception.

This exhibit features two different kinds of ambigrams. Some of the designs can rotate– the words change into other words or read the same when flipped upside down. Most of the ambigrams set out on the table are rotational, so you can walk around and observe both sides of the design. A few of the larger pieces hanging on the wall are also rotational. A print-out of these larger ambigrams will be provided on the table so you can see how the design flips.

The other kind of ambigram displayed here is a mirror-image ambigram. These designs do not rotate, but have bilateral symmetry (like a human face) and can reflect across a central vertical axis. If you held these words up to a mirror, they would read the same. Because you can view the effect of this design strait on, most of the mirror-image ambigrams in this show are displayed on the wall.

The collection of miniature Shakespeare title ambigrams on the table incudes examples of both.

If you’re unsure about the type of ambigram you’re viewing or need an interpretation hint, please check the descriptions of the pieces provided. Have Fun!